RCCO Edmonton Scholarship Program

(Revised Document, December 2023)

The Royal Canadian College of Organists in Edmonton is pleased to provide a number of scholarships to fund organ studies for students and working organists.
All study will be taken in Edmonton with qualified organ instructors who are members of the RCCO – either privately or at one of the Edmonton universities.
The process consists of a written application followed by an audition and brief interview with the scholarship committee.
Scholarship recipients will perform in a recital the following spring.

Beginning Organist Scholarships

Pamela Farmer Scholarship – $700

Edmonton Centre Scholarship – up to $700

RCCO National Beginning Organist Scholarship (BOS) – up to $700

  • Open to pianists who have completed the RCM Grade 8 exam or are very proficient playing at an RCM Grade 8 level.
  • For the National Scholarships (BOS), completion of Grade 8 is required.
  • RCCO membership is not required.
  • Audition requirements:
    • Fast movement of a piano piece at the Gr. 8 level or above
    • A second piece, preferably of a contrapuntal nature at the Gr. 8 level or above (eg. Bach Fugue from the Well-tempered Clavier)
    • Introduction and one stanza of a hymn on the piano
    • Sight-reading one stanza of a hymn

Intermediate and Advanced Scholarships

Edmonton Center Intermediate Scholarships – $700 and up

Arnold and George Rumbold Advanced Scholarships – $1250

Harry Farmer Advanced Scholarship – $1300

  • Intended for organists who wish to continue with advanced organ studies.
  • Intermediate scholarship requirements:
    • Two pieces of the candidate’s choice performed on the organ (at least one to be a fast movement)
    • Introduction and two stanzas of a hymn 
    • Sight-reading one stanza of a hymn (pedal is optional)
  •  H. Farmer Scholarship requirements:
    • Two pieces, of which one must be appropriate for use as a prelude or postlude for a wedding, funeral, or worship service.
    • Hymn must be played with pedal and include two verses with a change in registration or manual.
    • Sight-reading one stanza of a hymn
  • A. and G. Rumbold Scholarship requirements:
    • Three pieces at a level comparable to a Royal Conservatory Performers Licentiate consisting of a 20th or 21st century piece, a fast movement from a Romantic work, and a fast movement of a Bach Trio Sonata.
    • No hymn playing or sight-reading is required.

Conditions to Receiving a Scholarship

  • Candidates auditioning for Intermediate and Advanced Scholarships must be RCCO members.
  • Lessons must be started within one year or the scholarship is forfeited.
  • Recipients must perform in the Spring Recital. This is a festive celebration attended by our Scholarship donors. 
  • Recipients must have an organ at home or a place to practice. 
  • Students may receive the same scholarship only once. 
  • Scholarship money will be paid directly to the organ teacher for lessons only. It is not intended for sheet music costs or any other associated costs. The award money can be paid in advance to the student to defray organ tuition costs at an approved Edmonton university.

The scholarship program is donor-driven with endowments from Arnold Rumbold, the Farmer family, funds from the national RCCO, and individual donors. We welcome all donations to the scholarship program.

Please send your scanned and signed application form before October 31 to the Scholarship Coordinator, Jacobus Kloppers, at jacobus.kloppers@telus.net

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